Terms & Conditions




Payment and Conditions of Service Provision
It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with terms of service, prior to allowing our technician to commence provision of service. Allowing our technician to commence service constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions detailed. Acting either for yourself or for the party listed on electronic or paper work order/ job sheet, you agree to pay all the following where applicable: diagnostic fee, deposit (when appropriate), any unpaid balance upon completion, $25 service fee if your check or credit card is not honored by the bank, necessary handling and return charges if your order is cancelled in an untimely fashion, and any necessary collection costs, including attorney's fees.

Appointments are 3 hour time frames of which one should expect to be serviced. All appointments are set based on the earliest availability. Part installation appointments will not be scheduled until part(s) have arrived.

We urge customers to contact the office at (714) 257-9444 immediately if they cannot keep their scheduled appointment. If the office does not answer, please leave a message with our answering service.

If the unit is found to be uneconomical to repair or customer does not wish to proceed with the service, a service call fee will be charged. The service call fee will cover the initial examination, diagnosis, and written estimate of repair with parts and labor. The service call fee will be charged as follows: $45.00 for all units. SERVICE CALL 


Custom Care Appliance Repair often makes appointments for customers with multiple units. A service fee ($45) will be charged for each unit.

The appliance must be installed and accessible to the service technician. In case access to the unit is not provided by the customer, additional fees may apply for the labor performed to access the unit. Based on the customer's description of the issue, the Custom Care Appliance Repair service technician will diagnose the unit and determine what repair(s) will be necessary to resolve the issue(s). Due to the complexity of some appliances there can be additional underlying problems which cannot be determined until an “initial repair” is made. In the event an appliance has an underlying problem(s) an additional free diagnosis along with an additional revised estimate will be provided. If a technician cannot duplicate the customer's complaint on the unit, the customer will be responsible for the service call fee.

If the technician arrives and no problem is present, it will be considered as a diagnosis of “No problem found” or “Working as designed”. The customer will be responsible for the service call fee. If the problem is caused, or possibly caused by a source other than the appliance itself, the technician may recommend an examination by an outside trade contractor to confirm or rule out the possible cause or problem. The customer is fully responsible for any expenses, cost and payment for any examinations or services performed by outside trade contractors. The customer will be responsible to pay Custom Care Appliance Repair their service call fee.

Any recommendation(s) made by our company are not mandatory, and any actions taken by the customer are at the sole discretion and financial responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for their own decisions.


In accordance with “The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide (MASPG)” the repair cost is based on the job, not on the time the repair takes to perform.

Estimates will be valid for 30 days. The customer is responsible for reviewing the estimate with the technician. Payment of parts and/or labor indicates approval and complete agreement by the customer to have Custom Care Appliance Repair repair the appliance at the price quoted on the estimate.

Custom Care Appliance Repair service technicians have the most commonly replaced parts in their vehicle stock. Parts that have be ordered are ordered within 24 hours of initial visit. Depending on part availability, most parts will arrive within 1-5 business days. Special order parts may take longer. Unfortunately, we can only relay ETA information given to our company by our part distributors. Once the part has arrived, the technician and or office will contact the customer to schedule the part installation. 

Problems with appliances may be caused solely by lack of routine maintenance. Sometimes just maintenance may resolve the problem. Maintenance may be needed or required before repair or during a repair. Maintenance is not a repair or part of repair labor. Maintenance is non-refundable.

Custom Care Appliance Repair accepts cash, check, and credit cards. Payment of the service call fee or deposit is due at time of initial visit.

Once the repair is complete, the customer will be asked to review and test the appliance. The customer will sign Custom Care Appliance Repair invoice when repair on the appliance is completed. This shows the customer has examined and approved of the work done. Payment of services in full will also indicate the customer has reviewed and tested the appliance and the service is completed to their satisfaction. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ON COMPLETED REPAIRS OR ON GOING REPAIRS.

Custom Care Appliance Repair offers a 30-day warranty on all labor and a 1 year warranty on all parts. Warranty applies to same problem. There is no warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems which may occur on the same unit (even if involving what appear to be identical symptoms), or against incidental damages. If a problem arises within this time, we urge customers to contact Custom Care Appliance Repair at (714) 257-9444 immediately so we may schedule a follow up appointment to address the issue. The warranty will be effective on the part installation date for a period of 30 days on labor and 1 year on parts. Warranty is only valid if the repair is performed by Custom Care Appliance Repair service technicians. Improper usage of the appliance automatically voids the warranty. Warranty is void on relocated appliances. 

If service technician is dispatched on a unit under warranty and the complaint cannot be duplicated, the service technician will not perform any other action, other than testing the unit. If service technician is dispatched more than two times under warranty and cannot detect an error within the unit, the customer will be held liable for a $45 service fee.

No warranty on damage caused by external problems or interference by anyone else (other than Custom Care Appliance Repair service technicians) sensing or tampering with the repair. Warranty is not applicable to the following parts: discontinued or obsolete parts, refrigerants, filters, access valves, fuses, wires. Warranty against manufacturing defect only. Warranty does not cover damage due to water, high voltage fluctuations or any alteration or tampering by third party technicians.

We are not liable for any item or person that is hurt by a malfunction and are not liable if your food goes bad due to lack of refrigeration. 

Custom Care Appliance Repair is not responsible for any damage caused by appliance malfunction. Custom Care Appliance Repair is not responsible for any floor, cabinet, counter damage or water leakage when repairing and/or removing your appliance by Custom Care Appliance Repair technician(s). Custom Care Appliance Repair reserves the right to limit or refuse to provide warranty at its sole discretion.

Warranty will be void if: Routine maintenance is neglected, improper use of the appliance, unit is removed/uninstalled, unit is damaged by weather, damage or interference by anyone else (other than Custom Care Appliance Repair) and/ or non-payment of service.

Customer Responsibilities:
1. Ensure an individual 18 years or older is present at time of service
2. Ensure a form of payment will be available for the Custom Care Appliance Repair technician during the scheduled visit
3. Ensure the appliance is readily accessible to service technician, if you have a stackable washer and dryer and you are calling for Dryer Repair, you must dismount the unit before the technician arrives
4. Keep small children and pets out of the technician’s work area for safety reasons
5. Ensure all pets are controlled when the technician is at the house

It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with waivers we have in place surrounding the provision of any services we provide. These waivers are applicable for all work performed and are assumed and accepted once you allow our technician to commence provision of service.

Waiver of Damages When Moving Appliance

You understand there is inherent risk in such movement. There is risk of damage to the machine itself, and to areas surrounding its installation, including but not limited to flooring, cabinetry and counter tops. You acknowledge the service technician is not required to move the appliance. In exchange for his willingness to do so, you promise to hold faultless, both the service technician and Custom Care Appliance Repair, from any and every liability associated with any such damage as may occur in connection with this movement.

Waiver of Damages When Working with Water
You understand the machinery that’s being worked on is connected with the building’s plumbing system, and whenever any machinery is so connected, there is an inherent risk that component failure, imperfect connections and/or other faults could result in unintended leakage and/or flooding within the building, causing significant and sometimes catastrophic damage. Excepting for cases of gross, clearly proven, and explicitly identifiable carelessness by the service technician, you promise to hold harmless Custom Care Appliance Repair, its principals, agents and employees from any and all damages, harms or liability that may result from such an occurrence. By allowing the service technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Waiver of Damages from Failed Cooling
You understand, like any machinery, refrigeration equipment consists of a multiplicity of complex components, any of which can fail without warning, and any effort to service and/or repair same carries inherent risk. Diagnoses are not always straightforward, and, even when carefully performed, repair and/or service work may involve imperfections which result in failure of the machinery to perform as intended. Such failures may lead to food spoilage, discomfort, and inconvenience. You acknowledge, by undertaking to service and/or repair your equipment, Custom Care Appliance Repair is not accepting responsibility for any such risks. You agree all such risks are your own alone, and you agree to hold harmless and exempt from liability Custom Care Appliance Repair, it’s agents and employees from any and all such harms. By allowing the service technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Custom Care Appliance Repair reserves the right to refuse service to a customer at the service technician’s discretion. The customer will be held liable for a service fee.

Service will be refused if: A customer cannot accommodate the service technician, the customer is being disrespectful or belligerent, if service technician feels threatened in any way or form, a customer is not properly dressed upon arrival of service technician. a customer has been, or is being, disruptive, a customer harasses the service technician, when there are health and safety concerns, when a customer refuses to pay for services and/ or when a customer is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or illegal drugs are present