Range Repair

 Electric and gas stoves are deeply rooted in our history since 1882. In 1896, the first patent for the electric was given to William Hadaway. The gas range, or stove, was completed in the 1920’s. Modern ranges or stoves come with a varying degree of features that makes every day cooking easy, convenient, and enjoyable. Since we depend on stoves or ranges for cooking, it is annoying and irritating when the stove or range doesn’t work correctly. Custom Care Appliance Repair knows the unexpected range repair is not always welcome so we do our best to make the repairs as painless as possible. 

We can assist you with any of the following issues you may be having:

Range surface element won’t turn off

Control Panel Lights dim or blank

Stove heating element not working

Stove burner won’t light

Range surface element won’t turn off

Range burners spark or click

Oven temperature not accurate

Oven light is out

Oven won’t turn on

Oven not self-cleaning

Oven won’t turn off

Oven door repair

Oven fan won’t turn off

Oven not heating

Oven doesn’t bake evenly

Oven broiler not working