Oven Repair

Custom Care Appliance Repair Wall Ovens

 Customer Care Appliance Repair does understand how frustrating a broken electric or gas oven in can be. Most oven repairs can be attributed to or involve burners, igniters or elements, depending on whether your oven is gas or electric. There are many brands that currently have control panels with LED displays that control most, if not all, of the oven functions. A bad control board can stop oven function immediately and would require replacement. 

 Possible replacement parts for electric or gas ovens in Huntington Beach include:

Bake Element (electric oven)
Oven Control Thermostat
Temperature Sensor
Electronic Control board

Call us today if your experiencing any of the following problems with your oven and we’ll get it repaired right away. Oven repair in Huntington Beach is simple and easy!

Not heating or slow to heat
Temperature not accurate
Burners won’t lite
Control panel errors
Broken glass or hinges
Doors not closing